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Dear all,

We have, as a committee, been considering our position given the government statement and the need to reduce social contact. We have been reluctant to make a decision about our regular meetings, not least because we are concerned about the fate of small business, such as the Runner.

However, we are not sure that this is now a choice, but more a mandate. We should be mindful that we do not want to expose our own members to unnecessary contact.

In the circumstances, we have decided that our weekly meets at the Runner should be suspended for the foreseeable future. We hope that these can be resumed quickly, but we simply have to wait and see what happens. We have informed the staff at the Runner.

It is likely that other planned events will have to be cancelled or postponed in these uncertain times. Could anyone organising an event please think carefully about whether it should go ahead? Or you may want to consider other events that we can take part in that do not involve social gatherings.

If anyone needs extra help at this time, including help with shopping or supplies, please let the group know and there will always be someone able to help. It can also be a lonely time and we would encourage phone and messaging contact for us all to keep in touch and keep up morale!

Let's hope that things soon improve and normal behaviour can resume!


Colin (Chairman) on behalf of the Committee.
17th March 2020

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But most of all, we like to meet people, make friends and do the things we enjoy in good company. Sounds like you? Then, whether you're new in Swindon or just want to expand your social circle, then click here to go to the Joining page and discover more.

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