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Committee Posts

Swindon IVC is run by a committee elected by the club members at the Annual General Meeting each November.

The positions on the committee are given in the following list. Not all posts are necessarily filled at any time (Chair, treasurer and secretary need to filled) and some may be shared by two people (e.g. programme editor):

  • Chair - chairs the Club Committee meetings and AGM, and ensures the Club is run in the interests of all the members.
  • Treasurer - controls the Club‘s finances, including subscriptions, event subsidies and other expenses. The budget is presented at the AGM for the members to approve.
  • Secretary - keeps records of Committee meetings and other Club business. Issues notices for committee meetings and AGM.
  • Membership Secretary - controls the Club‘s membership system, including processing of subscription renewals, calculating members eligible for events discount, administers the full member and temporary member email lists and the clubs public phone number. Answers enquiries about membership of the Club. Provides our membership numbers to AIVC once a year.
  • Marketing Officer - promotes Swindon IVC to Swindon and the surrounding areas using various media. Responsible maintaining the clubs contact details up to date in libraries, information centre, websites etc.
  • Social Media Officer - Responsible for for public and private social media accounts (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) Members may help by contributing posts keeping these page vibrant and timely.
  • Webmaster - maintains and develops the Club‘s website domain and email systems. Administers the contracts with our web hosting provider. Chairs website sub-committee meetings
  • Programme Editor - creates the impressive programme of events booklet each month.
  • Association Liaison Officer (ALO) - the main contact committee officer for the Association of IVCs (AIVC) and other IVC groups. Also promotes contact with local clubs to encourage a wider range of activities for the club program.
  • Activities Co-ordinator - maintains and co-ordinates the calendar of forthcoming events which is passed on to the Programme Editor. Encourages and helps members to put on events for their club.
  • Membership Meet and Greet - Attends most Wednesday pub nights and welcomes prospective new members, giving them an overview of the club and what it offers, answering any questions they may have about membership of the Club. Hopefully (if they are happy to) enrolls newcomers as temporary members of SIVC.
  • Ordinary Member - experienced Club member who is there to assist the Committee across the full range of the Club‘s activities.