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The Sense of an Ending

Film Reviews:

Film covers Tony Webster, retired, though has a small Camera shop, flirts back and forth between the present and his student days.
At University he met Veronica, also became friends with Adrian Finn.
Adrian also dates V, but later commits suicide.
Beforehand T wrote them a nasty letter.
Back to the present, V's mother dies, T pursues estate to recover a diary and the letter.
T had mistakenly believed V conceived a child with AF, transpires V's mother Sandra had a son.
T is mortified by his error, V very hurt by it all.
T tells all to ex wife and was wrong to divorce. M goes back to T and Suzie has a son.
Score: 7. Bill

Intriguing film about love, lust, betrayal, with a twist to the ending. A little slow, methodical, good cast and acting - compulsive viewing though. Retrospective direction from relationships between a group of University friends, to present day life. Lots of twists and turns and suggestions, in particular the result of Tony’s letter to Veronica (his girl-friend) and Adrian (one of his University friends) ill wishing them following their announcement of their relationship. Adrian’s suicide, the relationship he had with Veronica’s Mother and Tony seeking peace over all the years.
Score: 7.5. Anna

Some great acting performances especially by Jim Broadbent but unfortunately this film left me uninspired. A slow and often confusing story line full of anti-climaxes and self obsession. No doubt it will appeal to some but not for me.
Score: 4. Tim