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Victoria and Abdul


Judi Dench at her best. The opening scene with Queen Victoria denotes a depressed, large woman who clearly loves her food. She’s bored with everything and her life is lifted with the arrival of Abdul to whom she seeks solace and a friendship develops to the horror of the PM, the Court, and her family. Racism, hierarchy, elitism, bullying from the Royal court, privileges, status for only those in court or of a high stature. Anna. Score 7

Unexpected comedy. Interesting story and insight into the times. Great to see how enlightened Queen Victoria was. The film told a story and there was some jeopardy in that the establishment couldn’t countenance change but it lacked something. Denise. Score 7.5

Judi Dench was outstanding and surprised that Eddie Izard could act so well Very amusing and delightful to watch. Carole

It was a pleasant film, and had some interesting insights into the stifling life at court in the latter part of Victoria's reign.
I wasn't as engaged with it as a previous film made about a close friendship between Victoria and her servant John Brown ('Mrs Brown') which had much more richness and detail. Maybe it is because Victoria and Abdul was set in a brief period of time just before Victoria's death. I wasn't sure at first of Abdul's motivation, but in the end thought that he cared deeply for Victoria, and she found him an interesting and engaging companion, who was a welcome relief from her routine at court. Zoe

Overall an enjoyable and humorous film with disturbing insights into attitudes in the establishment and Royalty. Racism and know your place, very much in evidence. Abdul though brought much love and purpose into the Queens life, though ultimately at a vengeful price to him and his family. A few surprising twists and parallels with today's world. Bill. Score 9

I didn’t expect to enjoy this film but Judi dench was perfect. Abdul played his part and I was taken in because of those eyes. He was disobedient, a liar and rampant. The racism was hard to take as was the classism. Bertie had no empathy or compassion with his mother. Suey

Richard and Penny. Score 6