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01/Jan/2021 New Year’s Day
02/Jan/2021 World Introvert Day
05/Jan/2021 National Bird Day
06/Jan/2021 National Shortbread Day
06/Jan/2021 National Technology Day
08/Jan/2021 Bubble Bath Day
10/Jan/2021 Houseplant Appreciation Day
11/Jan/2021 Human Trafficking Awareness Day
13/Jan/2021 National Sticker Day
13/Jan/2021 Clean Off Your Desk Day
14/Jan/2021 Dress Up Your Pet Day
15/Jan/2021 National Hat Day
18/Jan/2021 Blue Monday
19/Jan/2021 Popcorn Day
20/Jan/2021 Cheese Lovers’ Day
21/Jan/2021 Hugging Day
24/Jan/2021 Compliment Day
25/Jan/2021 Opposite Day
27/Jan/2021 Chocolate Cake Day
28/Jan/2021 Data Privacy Day
29/Jan/2021 Puzzle Day
30/Jan/2021 Croissant Day
31/Jan/2021 Grammy Awards
01/Feb/2021 Science Fiction Day
02/Feb/2021 Groundhog Day
02/Feb/2021 World Wetlands Day
04/Feb/2021 World Cancer Day
05/Feb/2021 World Nutella Day
06/Feb/2021 Beginning of Six Nations
07/Feb/2021 Send a Card to a Friend Day
09/Feb/2021 National Pizza Day
11/Feb/2021 Safer Internet Day
11/Feb/2021 National Inventors’ Day
12/Feb/2021 Chinese New Year
13/Feb/2021 World Radio Day
14/Feb/2021 Valentine’s Day
15/Feb/2021 Singles Awareness Day
16/Feb/2021 Pancake Day
17/Feb/2021 Random Acts of Kindness Day
20/Feb/2021 World Day of Social Justice
20/Feb/2021 Love Your Pet Day
21/Feb/2021 International Mother Language Day
25/Feb/2021 Digital Learning Day
28/Feb/2021 Golden Globes 2021
02/Mar/2021 National Read Across America Day
03/Mar/2021 World Wildlife Day
04/Mar/2021 National Grammar Day
04/Mar/2021 World Book Day
05/Mar/2021 Employee Appreciation Day
05/Mar/2021 National Day of Unplugging
06/Mar/2021 Dentist’s Day
07/Mar/2021 National Cereal Day
08/Mar/2021 International Women’s Day
09/Mar/2021 National Napping Day
14/Mar/2021 Mother’s Day
15/Mar/2021 World Consumer Rights Day
17/Mar/2021 St Patrick’s Day
19/Mar/2021 Red Nose Day
19/Mar/2021 Sleep Day
20/Mar/2021 First Day of Spring
20/Mar/2021 International Day of Happiness
21/Mar/2021 World Poetry Day
22/Mar/2021 World Water Day
23/Mar/2021 National Puppy Day
25/Mar/2021 International Waffle Day
26/Mar/2021 Purple Day
27/Mar/2021 Earth Hour Day
28/Mar/2021 Daylight Saving Time
30/Mar/2021 Doctor’s Day
31/Mar/2021 World Backup Day
01/Apr/2021 National Trivia Day
01/Apr/2021 National Walking Day
01/Apr/2021 April Fools’ Day
02/Apr/2021 World Autism Awareness Day
02/Apr/2021 Good Friday
03/Apr/2021 Find a Rainbow Day
04/Apr/2021 Easter Sunday
05/Apr/2021 Easter Monday
07/Apr/2021 World Health Day
10/Apr/2021 The Grand National
10/Apr/2021 Siblings Day
11/Apr/2021 National Pet Day
12/Apr/2021 International Day of Human Space Flight
12/Apr/2021 Ramadan begins
13/Apr/2021 Equal Pay Day
15/Apr/2021 Tax Day
16/Apr/2021 Stress Awareness Day
19/Apr/2021 Bicycle Day
20/Apr/2021 Look Alike Day
21/Apr/2021 Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday
21/Apr/2021 National Tea Day
22/Apr/2021 Earth Day
23/Apr/2021 World Book Day
25/Apr/2021 The Oscars Academy Awards
25/Apr/2021 World Malaria Day
26/Apr/2021 Arbor Day
29/Apr/2021 International Dance Day
30/Apr/2021 International Jazz Day
01/May/2021 International Workers Day
01/May/2021 May Day
03/May/2021 World Press Freedom Day
03/May/2021 Early May Bank Holiday
04/May/2021 Star Wars Day
04/May/2021 International Firefighters Day
05/May/2021 Cinco de Mayo
05/May/2021 Thank a Teacher Day
06/May/2021 World Password Day
07/May/2021 Space Day
09/May/2021 Europe Day
11/May/2021 National Eat What You Want Day
13/May/2021 World Cocktail Day
15/May/2021 Endangered Species Day
15/May/2021 International Day of Families
16/May/2021 International Day of Light
16/May/2021 Love a Tree Day
17/May/2021 World Baking Day
17/May/2021 International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
18/May/2021 National Museum Day
20/May/2021 World Bee Day
21/May/2021 National Memo Day
28/May/2021 World Hunger Day
29/May/2021 National Paperclip Day
29/May/2021 National Biscuit Day
30/May/2021 National Creativity Day
31/May/2021 World No-Tobacco Day
31/May/2021 Spring Bank Holiday
01/Jun/2021 Global Day of Parents
01/Jun/2021 International Children’s Day
02/Jun/2021 Leave The Office Early Day
03/Jun/2021 National Fish and Chip Day
04/Jun/2021 National Donut Day
05/Jun/2021 World Environment Day
06/Jun/2021 National Cancer Survivor’s Day
07/Jun/2021 Chocolate Ice Cream Day
08/Jun/2021 Best Friends Day
08/Jun/2021 World Oceans Day
10/Jun/2021 Iced Tea Day
11/Jun/2021 European Championship start
12/Jun/2021 Queen’s Birthday
14/Jun/2021 World Blood Donor Day
15/Jun/2021 National Beer Day
18/Jun/2021 International Sushi Day
20/Jun/2021 First Day of Summer
20/Jun/2021 Father’s Day
21/Jun/2021 National Selfie Day
21/Jun/2021 International Yoga Day
21/Jun/2021 World Music Day
23/Jun/2021 Women in Engineering Day
25/Jun/2021 National Cream Tea Day
25/Jun/2021 Take Your Dog to Work Day
26/Jun/2021 London Pride
27/Jun/2021 National Sunglasses Day
28/Jun/2021 Wimbledon begins
30/Jun/2021 Social Media Day
01/Jul/2021 National Postal Worker Day
02/Jul/2021 World UFO Day
04/Jul/2021 4thofJuly
04/Jul/2021 American Independence Day
06/Jul/2021 National Kissing Day
07/Jul/2021 World Chocolate Day
11/Jul/2021 World Population Day
11/Jul/2021 Cheer Up the Lonely Day
12/Jul/2021 Simplicity Day
12/Jul/2021 Malala Day
14/Jul/2021 Bastille Day
15/Jul/2021 Give Something Away Day
17/Jul/2021 World Emoji Day
18/Jul/2021 Nelson Mandela International Day
19/Jul/2021 Ice Cream Day
20/Jul/2021 International Chess Day
30/Jul/2021 Day of Friendship
30/Jul/2021 World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
01/Aug/2021 World Wide Web Day
01/Aug/2021 Respect for Parents Day
01/Aug/2021 Planner Day
02/Aug/2021 Summer Bank Holiday
02/Aug/2021 National Coloring Book Day
06/Aug/2021 International Beer Day
08/Aug/2021 International Cat Day
09/Aug/2021 National Book Lovers Day
10/Aug/2021 National Lazy Day
10/Aug/2021 World Lion Day
12/Aug/2021 International Youth Day
12/Aug/2021 World Elephant Day
13/Aug/2021 International Left Handers Day
15/Aug/2021 National Relaxation Day
16/Aug/2021 National Tell a Joke Day
19/Aug/2021 World Humanitarian Day
20/Aug/2021 National Lemonade Day
21/Aug/2021 World Entrepreneurs Day
26/Aug/2021 National Women’s Equality Day
26/Aug/2021 International Dog Day
30/Aug/2021 Summer Bank Holiday
04/Sep/2021 National Wildlife Day
04/Sep/2021 World Beard Day
05/Sep/2021 International Day of Charity
05/Sep/2021 National Grandparents Day
06/Sep/2021 Read a Book Day
06/Sep/2021 Labor Day
08/Sep/2021 International Literacy Day
10/Sep/2021 World Suicide Prevention Day
11/Sep/2021 National Day of Service and Remembrance
12/Sep/2021 National Day of Encouragement
12/Sep/2021 National Video Games Day
13/Sep/2021 Roald Dahl Day
15/Sep/2021 Online Learning Day
16/Sep/2021 100 days until Christmas
16/Sep/2021 Guacamole Day
18/Sep/2021 National Cheeseburger Day
19/Sep/2021 Talk Like a Pirate Day
21/Sep/2021 International Day of Peace
22/Sep/2021 Autumn Equinox
22/Sep/2021 Car-Free Day
22/Sep/2021 National Women’s Health and Fitness Day
26/Sep/2021 European Day of Languages
27/Sep/2021 World Tourism Day
28/Sep/2021 National Good Neighbor Day
30/Sep/2021 International Podcast Day
01/Oct/2021 World Vegetarian Day
01/Oct/2021 International Coffee Day
02/Oct/2021 World Smile Day
02/Oct/2021 International Day of Nonviolence
03/Oct/2021 National Techies Day
04/Oct/2021 World Teachers Day
04/Oct/2021 National Taco Day
04/Oct/2021 World Animal Day
10/Oct/2021 World Mental Health Day
11/Oct/2021 International Day of the Girl
14/Oct/2021 National Dessert Day
14/Oct/2021 World Sight Day
15/Oct/2021 Global Handwashing Day
16/Oct/2021 World Food Day
17/Oct/2021 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
20/Oct/2021 World Statistics Day
24/Oct/2021 United Nations Day
25/Oct/2021 World Pasta Day
30/Oct/2021 Checklist Day
31/Oct/2021 Daylight Saving Time
31/Oct/2021 Halloween
01/Nov/2021 National Authors Day
01/Nov/2021 World Vegan Day
03/Nov/2021 International Stress Awareness Day
03/Nov/2021 National Sandwich Day
04/Nov/2021 National Candy Day
04/Nov/2021 Diwali
05/Nov/2021 Bonfire Night
08/Nov/2021 Science
08/Nov/2021 National Cappuccino Day
11/Nov/2021 Remembrance Day
13/Nov/2021 World Kindness Day
14/Nov/2021 Remembrance Sunday
15/Nov/2021 Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
16/Nov/2021 International Day for Tolerance
16/Nov/2021 National Entrepreneurs Day
17/Nov/2021 International Students Day
19/Nov/2021 International Men’s Day
20/Nov/2021 Universal Children’s Day
21/Nov/2021 World Hello Day
25/Nov/2021 Thanksgiving Day (US)
26/Nov/2021 Black Friday
27/Nov/2021 Small Business Saturday (The last Saturday of November)
29/Nov/2021 Cyber Monday
30/Nov/2021 Computer Security Day
01/Dec/2021 World AIDS Day
03/Dec/2021 International Day of Persons with Disabilities
04/Dec/2021 National Cookie Day
05/Dec/2021 World Soil Day
06/Dec/2021 St Nicholas Day
09/Dec/2021 Christmas Card Day
10/Dec/2021 Human Rights Day
10/Dec/2021 International Animal Rights Day
10/Dec/2021 Nobel Prize Day
11/Dec/2021 International Mountain Day
14/Dec/2021 Christmas Jumper Day
21/Dec/2021 First Day of Winter
24/Dec/2021 Christmas Eve
25/Dec/2021 Christmas Day
26/Dec/2021 Boxing Day
31/Dec/2021 New Year’s Eve