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Events Discount Scheme


IVC relies upon a healthy number of events every month in order to maintain social interaction within the club, and to make the club attractive to all of its members.

As a full member of the club you are asked to arrange three events per your membership year. Each event must

  • take place in the membership year
  • be submitted to the club's website.

    The full membership fee is £24.00 per annum.

    All full members who meet their event commitments for the year will qualify for a discounted subscription rate of £16.00.

    Those full members who fail to arrange three events promoted in the programme will pay the full membership fee of £24.00 per annum.

    Each member will be notified of the relevant amount they owe at each membership year renewal.


    The committee will be responsible for administering the scheme and events will be discussed at each committee meeting from the previous months programme. Events will be marked against the relevant full members name on the membership list in order that the full member will qualify for the event discount in the following year.

    The committee will be responsible for judging whether events appearing within the programme qualify towards the event discount scheme - e.g. a cynical event such as "a walk around the M25" that nobody attends might be rejected.

    If two people hold a jointly run event each will be classed as one event commitment marked against their name.

    The event discount scheme shall form part of the offer of full membership to the club. All new members shall receive a copy of the rules of the scheme with their full membership offer letter and membership form issued by the Membership Secretary.

    Any temporary member who becomes a full member will have the requirement to commit to three events waived until the next membership year renewal. These members will, therefore, automatically qualify for the event discount scheme at their first renewal date. After this time the normal rules will apply.

    Events that only appear via the club's e-mail system will not qualify for the Event Discount Scheme. Only those events that are on our website shall qualify.

    Members: got an event you wish to host? Please fill in our on-line events form.
    Your events details will automatically be forwarded to our Activities Co-ordinator and you will receive an email of the details you submitted, for your record. You can later update or delete your event if necessary.