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Code of Conduct Policy

1. All members must abide by the rules and policies of the club.

2. All members of Swindon IVC are entitled to freely enjoy their membership of the club.

3. All members must respect the rights of other members.

4. All members are equal and have one vote, irrespective of the length of time you have been a member.

5. All members are entitled to be treated with courtesy and respect at all times.

6. The Club needs open, friendly and welcoming members. Please be tolerant of the views and behaviour of other members. Please be aware of the impact your behaviour may have on another member and be prepared to moderate your behaviour if you are asked to do so.

7. All members are entitled to be free of harassment, bullying and abusive behaviour.

Harassment is any course of conduct from someone who either knows or ought to know that it will cause harm or distress to the recipient.

Bullying or abusive behaviour is any behaviour which is intended or is likely to cause a person to feel uncomfortable.

8. In any club issues and disputes between members do occasionally arise. These should be dealt with as informally as possible. If a member wishes to make a complaint, the person being complained about, and/ or any witness members, must act responsibly. Members must treat the process as confidential and do their best to minimise not exacerbate the problem. All complaints should be directed to the Chairman or a member of the committee to be dealt with. Once the dispute has been dealt with all members must accept the conclusion and move on.

9. All members should act in a positive and constructive manner towards the club. Fair and reasonable comment should be directed to the Chairman or a member of the Committee.

10. Members must take reasonable care over health and safety of themselves and other members, particularly when running an event.

Committee Members

Committee members have the same rights as other members to enjoy their membership for a social purpose. Committee members take on a role and hence tasks on behalf of the whole club, which means they voluntarily give time and effort often above that of members to ensure that the club runs successfully. It is important that this is respected by all members, and other members support this work in a constructive way. The success of the club depends on all members contributing by organising and supporting events. Committee members have special responsibilities over and above those of an ordinary member.

Committee members have special responsibilities over and above those of an ordinary member

11. Committee members must act genuinely in the best interests of the club and its members present and future and must not act for any collateral purpose or sectional interest.

12. As a result of being a member of the Committee, members should not gain any additional benefit or advantage that is not generally available to all members, unless provided for under the Constitution.

13. If Committee members find themselves in a position where a conflict of interest arises, they should disclose it to the Committee and not take part in any discussions or votes on the issue.

14. Committee members must exercise reasonable skill and care in carrying out their duties, as might be expected from a person of their knowledge and experience.

15. The Committee members are only entitled to act genuinely in pursuit of the stated aims of the club.

16. Committee members should be aware that their behaviour and conduct will be more prominent than that of ordinary members. Any behaviour which may undermine confidence in the club should be avoided.

17. Committee members may come across confidential or sensitive information about members. They must respect and keep confidential any such information, not just while a member of the Committee or a member of the club but for all time.


18 Members who appear not to be keeping to this code of conduct may be asked to be more careful about their behaviour and may in exceptional circumstances be asked to leave the club.

Members with disabilities (Disability Discrimination Act for Private Members’ Clubs)

SIVC makes every effort where possible to provide events that are accessible to members with disabilities. Please note that due to the nature of the club (i.e. a multi-activity club) some activities may not be suitable for some people with a disability to attend. If members that are hosting an event are aware that disabled access to the venue is available, this information should be included in the event write up. If members with a disability would like to attend an event but are unsure whether it would be possible, they should contact the host for clarification. Hosts should be able to either: provide this information, find out this information, or provide contact details for the venue to enable members to source additional information directly.