Swindon IVC Membership Information

If you are interested in joining a lively social activity club, or want to find out more, please join us at one of our regular club nights. These start around 8pm, and are always on a Wednesday - so please feel free to come along and meet us. To find out where and when these are held please complete our Enquiry Form or alternatively phone our Membership Secretary on 07541 988267 (this is just a standard mobile number)


Try before you buy! We offer a temporary membership scheme for new members which costs just £5 for three months.

Full membership subscriptions are payable annually in February, but new full members can join part-way through the year for a reduced charge. The current rates are as follows:

  • Full Year £36.00
  • If joining part-way through the year, pro-rata at £3.00 per month
  • Rates are reviewed by members at the AGM each November

Organising three or more events a year earns full members a discount on their membership - see here for Events Discount Scheme details.

Benefits and other information

For full members:

  • Receive a monthly programme of events
  • Receive an address list of full members
  • Are able to receive and post messages via the clubs Yahoo email group list. This is largely used to give updates on events and to publicise impromptu events which didn't make the monthly programme.

For Members with disabilities further information on our accessibility policy is under our Code of Conduct.

Most members live in and around Swindon. The club is ideal for people who may be new to an area, or want to expand their social circle. Swindon IVC is part of the national Association of Inter-Varsity Clubs (AIVC) which currently comprises 46 individual clubs.

For more information about Swindon IVC please complete an Enquiry Form.